Puppies born 20200120

7 males and 2 females

All puppies are sold

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Pictures of puppies

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This is a very exciting litter!

Tarasov Martinique "Tjechov" is nr 2 lure coursing borzoi in Sweden 2019, he has also done well in the shows he has attended so far. He is a well built friendely boy that laughs and like to sit on your lap

Estet Classic Moroshka "Allo" is the first borzoi to get a heelwork diploma. She has a certificat at shows. She is a girl that combine beauty and brains

We are so grateful to Susanne Persson at kennel Tarasov that trusted us to use Tjechov.

Serious inquires are welcome!

Spirit Of Mantra´s Venus, Female, sold

"Pricken"-male, sold

Spirit Of Mantra´s Neptunus

"Flin", male -sold

Spirit Of Mantra´s Merkurius

"Tvåan"-male. reserved

Spirit Of Mantra´s Pluto

"Ljusa"-male, sold

Spirit Of Mantra´s Mars


"Ettan"-male, sold

Spirit Of Mantra´s  Saturnus

Spirit Of Mantra´s Haumea, male,  sold

"Blixten"-female, not for sale

Spirit Of Mantra´s Tellus